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Gordon made his transition from helping patients as a Physician to helping students as a Yoga Instructor. His background as a Radiologist gives him a unique perspective on the human body. He received his 200 hour yoga teacher certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Wellness in the Berkshires, aligning himself with their philosophy of inclusiveness, regardless of limitations or abilities, and has begun his journey towards his 500 hour certification. His knowledge of health and wellness helps students to listen to their bodies, practicing yoga with ahimsa, the yogic philosophy of doing no harm. He experienced both a spiritual and physical transformation through yoga and would like to help others gain the clarity to discover their authentic selves, peace and well-being. In the interest of connecting with the community and helping those with physical and mental challenges, he devotes part of his teaching to Yoga Neighborhood, a non-profit with a mission of bringing yoga to Cape Cod to all regardless of resources or challenges. He is happily married with three grown children and a long time resident of beautiful Cape Cod.

Now, in the hope of helping people through yoga on a more widespread basis, Gordon is happy to announce his new book, Yoga for People Who Can't Touch Their Toes (and for Those that Can!). 

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