Arguably, the most important tenet of the philosophy of Kripalu Yoga and the path to a profound practice is silencing the inner critic and just being in the moment. Many people attempt, and then abandon the practice of yoga because of a false expectation that one is "bad" at yoga if he or she cannot do postures just like the teacher, or even other classmates. Accepting limitations without self-judgment and modifying your practice to make it your own unique experience is a philosophy that can be applied to all of life's experiences and challenges.


The practice of Kripalu Yoga centers around the integration of the asanas (postures), pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) and meditation. Breathing and meditation in conjunction with the postures not only increases focus and heightens awareness of the engagement and release of one's muscles and the movement of joints, but allows one to access emotions, thoughts and ideas that lead to clarity and self-discovery. The most inflexible who balance the mind and body can have a more profound practice that fosters personal growth than the most flexible who only strive for perfection in the expression of the asanas.


Many react to stressors and pressures with reflexive judgments and automatic negative thoughts and behaviors. The practice of Kripalu Yoga can be transformational as one learns both on and off the mat to ride the wave of a personal challenge. Through our practice we learn a new strategy of introspection. As the wave of tension, and possibly anxiety, intensifies and then crests, instead of triggering our ingrained, habituable responses that fail to serve us, we learn to first breathe and relax, and then access our feelings, watch, and finally allow ourselves to react in a way that serves us. Negative judgments soon give way to positive affirmations. This path towards self-love leads to gratitude. Once one is grateful for life's blessings, love and compassion follow. Soon, yoga becomes a way of life.

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