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Through the practice of yoga, a transformation of body with newfound strength, flexibility, health and wellbeing can be realized. And a transformation of mind can free one from learned constraints and behaviors, promoting self-discovery. Quite simply, yoga can let your spirit soar!


Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi looking for more inspiration from your practice, Journey Into Yoga ~ A Guide for Transformation and Discovery can help you along the fulfilling and meaningful path of yoga.

It is a complete resource for developing the proper mindset to sustain a regular yoga practice. It is also a comprehensive exploration of the many sides to yoga: its philosophy, traditions, anatomy, science, asanas and pranayama, giving more meaning to your practice and promoting self-discovery.

The book consists of three parts that each approach yoga from different perspectives. The first part identifies the obstacles to the development of a regular yoga practice, describes a positive mindset that will help you progress on the path of yoga whether a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, and explores the possibility of personal growth through yoga.

There is so much more to yoga beyond the physical and, as such, the second part of the book presents a comprehensive overview of the many facets of yoga:

  • benefits to mind and body

  • philosophy

  • various schools and traditions

  • meditation

  • science

  • relevant human anatomy

The third part is a detailed, illustrated exploration of the postures and basic yogic breathing techniques to instill a greater sense of confidence through familiarity as you embark on your journey.

Step by step cues for the full expression of the asanas are presented and will enhance your practice, whether in a class or on your own. As you perform the postures, however, remember that the power of yoga to elevate the spirit lies in the individual interpretation and personalization of the experience.

Gordon Kanzer writes from his own personal experiences that began when he realized there is more to yoga than just the physical practice. Yoga is a gift that he gave to himself. Now, he wishes to give that gift to you!

Yoga is accessible to all, whether flexible or inflexible, able or disabled. Wherever you may be on your journey, embrace yoga, embrace life and embrace the unique person that you are!

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