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As a resident of Cape Cod since 1991, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by the beauty and wonders of nature and a strong, caring community. One definition of Dharma is "one's unique duty or responsibility in life that should be embraced and carried out. I believe that part of my Dharma is to give back to my community through yoga, helping those in need whom face challenges.

It would be my privilege and pleasure to volunteer my services to help your nonprofit organization. Some possibilities would include teaching your clients yoga or offering private or group yoga sessions as a silent auction item at your fundraiser. I am open to any other ideas that you might have, as well.


Please contact me! I am happy to help! 

I am also overjoyed to be a part of Yoga Neighborhood

A nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing yoga to the entire community of Cape Cod regardless of financial resources, limitations or challenges. To donate, please contact me. Every donation is much appreciated so we can offer the benefits of yoga to all! 

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