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Updated: Jan 4

For me, changing my mindset, one that has developed over many years, is a work in progress, and may always be one. Awareness of a problem and creating a plan, however, are the first steps toward change. When something "sets" it becomes rigid, hardened and fixed. A mindset is an attachment to one's fixed beliefs and habitual thoughts and behaviors. Changing one's mindset is a challenge, especially when it is mired in automatic and reflexive negative self-judgments. But is changing one's mindset necessary for personal growth or is there an alternative for self-realization? Practicing non-attachment to future outcomes and becoming mindful in the moment may be the work that needs to be done to become more receptive to new ideas and perspectives. Perhaps, that receptivity allows the mind to remain fluid, preventing it from becoming rigid, hardened and fixed, not allowing the mind to "set" ~

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