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Saucha ~ Purity of Body and Mind

Updated: Jan 4

Saucha, the first of the niyamas or observances translates to purity and cleanliness. It refers to purity of body and mind. Saucha is necessary to realize happiness and well-being. Saucha is achieved through daily washing, proper nutrition and other forms of self-care to achieve external purity of the body. Internal purity of the body is acquired through the practice of the asanas or postures and pranayama, the yogic breathing techniques. Thoughts such as anger, hate, greed, prejudice, and pride create impurity. The mind can be purified of negative thoughts through yoga, meditation, and recognition of one’s self-worth with positive affirmations. Purity comes from the realization that one does have a choice as how to live, and that choice can be to live with a positive perspective and kindness toward others. Purity of mind translates to self-love and compassion, which in turn gives one the capacity for love and compassion toward others. Just as we count negative numbers backwards, becoming mired in negativity draws us back from a calm and peaceful life. Instead, anger and hatred destroy the spirit and the life within us. Positivity allows us to progress toward a meaningful and profound life with satisfaction as you witness all of the wonderful effects from loving and caring for others. That love and compassion you express will be returned back to you with love and gratitude.

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